Communication Skills

The Company has developed a suite of market specific “real-time self learning” software applications for both corporate and direct consumer markets worldwide. The Company’s technology stems from an interactive and visual learning system referred to as Syntality™ integrated into a core application known as the “Knowledge Generator™”.

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Why Corporate Soft Skills & Language Training is Important?

In dollars and sense terms, why does a company hire someone? The answer is to save or make the company money. There are only 2 ways to make money! That is to sell a Product and or Service. How do you evaluate a return on investment (ROI) when it comes to the value of an Employee? On average employee expenditure to a company can range from $30,000 to over $100,000 in a highly technical field. With this type of investment the appreciation of each employee is directly proportional to their initial knowledge, application thereof and incremental acquisition of new knowledge proportional to global increases. If they are not acquiring new knowledge their intellectual assets are depreciating causing lost productivity to the company. To ensure appreciation of intellectual capital for the company training must be provided to increase the assets with small incremental investments in the intellectual capital of a company’s human resources. If an employee expenditure is $50,000 then an investment of 1% ~$500.00 should provide a ROI of 10% or $5,000. This would be a sound and easy business decision. The question is can you measure this ROI? At Mount Knowledge we will be able to show you the Intellectual capital increase from each employee’s training development in real time.
Companies hire Knowledgeable Training providers to help improve the Business and English skills and/or general cross-cultural business soft skills of their executives and employees. In addition, a vast number of workers seek to increase their English fluency to achieve greater income earning potential and better career opportunities.
The key to any training program offered is a clear understanding of the language learning needs and competencies of the target group, an understanding of the company’s objectives for conducting the training and then creating a program that is relevant and applicable to their daily work. The outcome is that participants can apply what they’ve learned immediately and clients can see immediate results and a clear ROI.

A well-defined training program can:

  • Improve return-on-investment;
  • Help achieve business goals;
  • Reduce time spent by senior staff checking and monitoring quality, and
  • Increase employee job satisfaction and performance.

Flexible Course Design and Delivery
All programs, whether course, workshops, blended or online, must allow for flexibility and therefore, can be tailor-made to a company’s requirements and objectives. This creates a relevant, dynamic and enjoyable learning experience.

Learning Methods
The preferred approach to ELT is applied and practical. The most important element of any program is relevancy. Any program must help staff apply what they learn into their workplace, therefore, putting ideas learned into practice.
Programs include trainer presentation, but the focus is on a hands-on practical interaction between the participants and the trainer. Programs consist of a mix of learning methods including discussion and analysis tasks, pair and group controlled exercises, simulations, case-studies, role-plays and feedback/error-correction from the trainer. Multi-media such as listening activities, video-based activities and recordings are also common training tools.

Training Products
The main training products offered by the English Language & Strategic Training consultancy are:
  • Business English Training – on-going programs or workshops – generic, customized or fully tailored business English programs for any target group which covers spoken and written language skills for the workplace;
  • English for Frontline and Customer Service Staff – combining language skills with a company’s customer-service standards;
  • Executive Strategic & Creative 1:1 Coaching – personal coaching based on individual needs focused on key Strategies, Problem Solving and language and communication skills necessary to succeed in multinational environments;
  • Key Skills Professional Development Programs – combining elements from both a language perspective and skills dynamic, these workshops aim to polish the communication skills of executives so as to communicate more effectively, professionally and accurately across a whole range of business situations.
  • Writing Coach/Blended Training – program blends classroom-based active learning with distance coaching and tutorials to develop the writing skills of participants, supported by a ‘moodle’ platform.
  • Language Benchmark Assessments – various testing/benchmarking services are offered to measure and chart the Intellectual Capital of each employee which can be customized to an organization’s language requirements and targeting general staff, managerial grade and graduate recruits.

Additional training products to be launched in 2013 include:
  • Intensive Retreats - offer executives from all industries and backgrounds the chance to completely immerse themselves in an English speaking environment for Strategic Development and Problem Solving processes through constant training and social interaction for a fixed time period. Key elements include communication skills workshops, team building activities, social events, discussions and debates, business and dining etiquette sessions, communicating across cultures sessions and English language enhancement sessions to tackle current corporate issues and future directions.
  • Soft-Skills Training - these skills seminars focus on training that requires changes in behavior and thinking through an action learning method – the ability to develop a specific person or group’s skills by focusing on their current real challenges using customized materials. These engaging and interactive seminars target executive and middle management to develop and strengthen key communication skills. Participants are equipped with the insights, skills, tools and confidence to powerfully connect with their audience

Please contact us for more information on Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving & Language Training.