Welcome to the Mount Knowledge™ learning community. We take your learning needs to greater heights!

As we start our climb up the Mountain of Knowledge, we understand the importance of having the best learning tools available. Other climbers may be joining us with different experience and knowledge levels, so providing the right tools for each climber is very important.
Whether you are joining us at a Mount Knowledge™ Learning Camp, Training Camp or via the internet, we want to make sure you are well equipped for your learning adventure. Therefore, it’s our goal to continually develop user-specific content and have it available for digital downloads from our Online Content section. In addition, we want to offer our climbers access to online forums so that they may interact with other climbers to assist one another to navigate the various learning routes and to offer help to those who may be struggling with understanding the use of the Knowledge Generator™ and its learning tools.
Your journey with us has just begun so check back here at our Community base camp to load up on the latest and most effective tools you will need to reach the next stage of your Learning Expedition climb.