Company Overview

Mount Knowledge™ Inc. (the “Company”) is a privately-held company incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario in October, 2015.
The Company has developed a suite of market specific “real-time self learning” software applications for both corporate and direct consumer markets worldwide. The Company’s technology stems from an interactive and visual learning system referred to as Syntality™ integrated into a core application known as the “Knowledge Generator™”. It has migrated its very successful Knowledge Generator and Examatar™ products into its software as a service (SaaS) web base iCloud called the “Knowledge Bank™.”
Mount Knowledge™ products and services are changing the way consumers of all ages are learning and retaining subjects starting at childhood and continuing for the rest of their personal and business learning lives. The Company’s software learning tools and teaching methodologies are currently being offered in China to the more than 300 million students, from grade school to university, seeking to learn English, including the vast number of people in the Chinese workplace increasing their English fluency to achieve greater income earning potential, Canada (The Toronto School Board), USA as well as the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt. etc.
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