Corporate History

During an organized expedition to Mt. Everest in 1991 to raise money and awareness for people suffering from Rett Syndrome, our founder, Erwin Sniedzins experienced altitude sickness and was required to remain at base camp to recover. After regaining his strength, Mr. Sniedzins decided to experience the Tibetan culture and visited the Monks at a local Buddhist monastery.
For the next three months, Mr. Sniedzins researched the Tibetan monks’ learning techniques and was intrigued by the way they passed on “information and knowledge” from one generation to another through visualization and vocal cadences. Starting from 1995 and many subsequent years of research, design and development have lead to the Syntality™ learning system and the Knowledge Generator™ products the Company sells today.

Empowered by a proof of concept, Mr. Sniedzins returned to his home base of Toronto, Canada to engage in the development of a Syntality™ based learning software product. He immediately sought assistance and funding from government and business development grants and other private financings. However, the “climb” to the completion of a beta-test product was not an easy task. The difficultly was in the transition from an “in-person” teaching approach into an “artificially intelligent” electronic system that could demonstrate better effectiveness of classroom training.

In 2005, Mr. Sniedzins returned to China with The Right Honorable Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada and The Honorable Jim Peterson, Minister for International Trade to meet with the Chinese Premier Wen Jia Boa in the Great Hall of the People Republic of China. During his trip, he continued to review English language learning barriers and began to build relationships with Chinese government officials, schools, etc. As a result, he established the framework for a prominent footprint in China to capitalize on the fastest growing ESL market segment in the world.