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English as Second Language

Mount Knowledge English as a Second Language program has 10 levels. It starts from our Basic Level of one letter, one sound, one word and builds up to TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, English levels. We provide textbook and interactive learning tools with more than 100,000 exercises to train you in listening, speaking, writing and comprehension.
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Research has shown that having a good vocabulary is the key to learn any language. Students will need an average vocabulary of about 6000 words to be able to communicate at an Intermediate plus level. What are these words? Here we provide a learning expedition journey to help you master these 6000 words at least 32% better and up to 300% faster than traditional learning methods. There is related text with basic grammar rules to train and help you master your learning goals. So begin, register now and we will help you get to the top faster and sooner than traditional learning methods!