Features & Benefits

The Knowledge Generator™ product was developed with various software user-interface enablers to promote the utilization of several of the user’s senses during the learning process; to see (visualize), listen, compose, speak, reply and interact and react to information by keyboard touch, sound and voice.

The Knowledge Generator™ system addresses many learning needs of students from preschool to college, from one phonetic sound to complete pronunciation of phrases, from learning one word to understanding and writing complete sentences, from listening to speaking and comprehension and so on. Users can simply import, in various formats (i.e. word document, RTF, Internet documents, etc.), textual content they want to learn and the Knowledge Generator™ software application tools will automatically create interactive subject based learning or skill training lessons, tests and subsequently, scores.
The Company foresees the use of the Knowledge Generator™ product as a learning solution for individuals, schools, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and corporations to provide an enhanced and robust learning tool to assist in new job skill training and continual education programs.