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Preschool - Kindergarten

Our kindergarten program starts from Junior (JK), Middle (K) and senior kindergarten (SK). Mount Knowledge provides an interactive learning path that is fun to use while at the same time ensuring that your child understands and can spell the words that they should know to better prepare them for Elementary school...
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Kindergarten – Teach Your Children Well!

Research has shown that having a good vocabulary by the time children get into Elementary school will help your child to have the confidence to handle the required reading and writing assignments very well. Your child will need an average vocabulary of about 3000 word by the time they reach grade three. What are the words that they should know? This may seem a daunting challenge but with our program it is fun while at the same time educational. When your Child joins Mount Knowledge’s Learning Expedition team there is a pre-camp assessment process that will ask you to participate with your child to determine their vocabulary knowledge level. After this assessment is complete we will create a learning path to fill in any knowledge gaps and begin the learning process to help your child master the Pre-school learning summit for vocabulary and required school subjects. So begin, register now and we will help your child to reach their summit! (See our research & white paper section for more details.)
We provide a broad context of play-based learning content. All the content covers the learning expectations for your child’s early education.