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Vocabulary Builder - Schools K-12

Learning, interacting and remembering “All in One”!
A journey of 19,000 hours begins with one word from Pre-School to a College degree. This is how many hours an average student will spend just to finish University. The average vocabulary of native students when they reach grade 3 is about 3,000 words. What are these words? How many does my child know now? How can I help my child to be better prepared to cope with 21st century learning demands? By building up a solid vocabulary and grammar foundation for your child’s learning career you can - Start Now!
1. Science 2. High School Academic Words
3. International Elementary School 4. International Middle School
5. International High School 6. Special Education

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We provide a broad context of play-based and Real-Time learning content and tests! All the content covers the learning expectations (vocabulary and basic grammar exercises) for your child’s elementary education. Our training program will help your child to have the confidence to handle the curriculum required in reading and writing assignments and get better scores by the time they get into middle school --- guaranteed!